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Thank you for visiting my blog documenting our journey recovering Jackson from Lyme Induced Autism!  My name is Elaine.  I’m  mommy to Sophie (DOB 8/30/07) and Jackson (DOB 5/26/09), a 1st grade teacher and wife to Misha.  As you all, I will do anything for my family.  Learning Jackson’s diagnosis on February 22, 2012 of Lyme Disease, Parasites, Mold, Worms, among other toxins, changed our life forever.  Turns out, Misha and I both have Lyme Disease also (SHOCKED!!) and will be pursuing treatment, but Sophie does NOT have Lyme Disease.  I call her our perfection of health.  Read on as we embark on our path to heal ourselves, but more importantly, heal Jackson.



5 thoughts on “About ldmommy

  1. Same story here in Maine . . .My name is Lisa, I’m mommy to Sally (11), Lydia (4), and wife to Ralph. They all have lyme disease and were diagnosed January 2012. I am waiting to get into a lyme specialist, myself. They think I may have passed it onto my children at birth. I am also a teacher. I teach Kindergarten. It has been a rough year. My oldest child and husband are being treated. My youngest one will see a doctor in CT in two weeks. We have had a struggle getting my oldest diagnosed. It took 4 years and 20 different doctors before we could get anyone to entertain the thought of it being lyme with all the negative tests. It took my husband over 10 years. Stay strong! My husband and daughter are both feeling better and making improvements. Unfortunately, the neurological symptoms are the ones that are taking the longest.

    • Wow, thanks for sharing your story, Lisa. They are not kidding when they say Lyme is a family disease. So, so horrible to hear how long it’s taken your family to get some much needed answers. I hope you are now on the path to recovery. My thoughts are with you from the West Coast. I’d love to keep in touch to hear about the progress your family makes:)

  2. Elaine, my prayers are with you and your family. I knew you and your family from DHS volleyball, I think, at least you look so familiar it must be that. I am treasurer of a nonprofit called world mercury project, and our CEO is just finishing a documentary that’s been years in production about his experience with mercury poisioning, from a tetanus shot, and thus his documentary about autism and what our government has known for years about the dangers of mercury poisoning. my sister has MS, and otherwise healthy woman her entire life almost died, again after receiving a tetanus shot. When the hospital was conducting tests, she had as many markers for MS as she had for lymes. it was a very difficult struggle. continuing, my granddaughter as autism, she’s now nine, and after years in a special school, she’s now in public school in Elk Grove for the first time and doing well. So I wish you all the best. I’d love to stay in touch and hear more about your family’s story. With all the prayers of the world, there’s hope for the future. debbie fenner (o’leary)

    • Hi Debbie,

      Wow, I’m so glad you found my blog and got in touch! Yes, that was me at DHS and volleyball…you must be Megan’s mom? I just looked at the World Mercury Project website, and I’m very interested in reading all about it. Thank you for sharing your story also about your sister and granddaughter. I’m just trying to learn all I can and possibly help some other families along the way (which is why I started this blog). Feel free to share this blog with others, and let’s definitely keep in touch!


      PS I can’t remember completely, but I’m pretty sure I had a cavity filled when I was pregnant with Jackson, which probably was then filled with mercury. I’m kicking myself now, and like you, want others to know the dangers.

  3. Thank you for sharing your story. My son is congenital diagnosed Feb 21, 2012 sadly, through him i found out why I have felt so bad for 11 yrs! My son has PANDAS due to Dr’s repeatedly turning me away and telling me his HUGE tonsils weren’t an issue. Thank you again, I hope you don’t mind i posted your story on a Lyme board at FB. -Carma

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