February Update

As always, I wish I had something new and exciting to report, but we’re still on board with Homeopathy, Osteopathy and a few supplements.  I’ve dreamt of the day I could post Jackson’s first word, amazing progress and “aha! moments.”  Sadly, that day hasn’t come, but I remain hopeful.  I am still in the “patience’ phase of Homeopathy, waiting for one of Jackson’s remedies to match.

Sophie, Misha and I ventured to Disneyland a couple of weeks ago, and Misha and I continuously spoke of Jackson missing from our magical moments.  Jackson stayed at home with the grandparents.  Taking Jackson to Disneyland is something I would love to do…someday, but he is not in a state to have fun there yet.  So many other happy, healthy almost 4 year-old boys were there, having fun, taking in the magic, it was heartbreaking to know Jackson couldn’t do that.  Then, there was Sophie at Disneyland, amazingly easy going, non-complainer, walked around 10+ hours every day, easy traveler.  She is the epitome of health and happiness.  I dream of the day we can go to Disneyland as a family.

Coming up March 10th, we’ll travel to Yuba City to meet Kaden, the service dog Pawsitive Solutions thinks will be a good match for Jackson.  If Kaden is indeed the match for Jackson, the intensive scent training will begin and hopefully sooner than later, Jackson will have his companion:)

Jackson will be sedated tomorrow for his first dental check-up.  Brushing Jackson’s teeth is a two person job…Misha holds him in a bear hug while I do my best to brush his teeth (WITH FLUORIDE FREE TOOTHPASTE…do the research, people!).  We’ve been noticing a lot of plaque build-up on his middle bottom teeth, so a cleaning is definitely in order.  What should be a simple dental check-up for any typical child turns into a $1,250 sedation appointment with both a special needs dentist and anesthesiologist.  Please keep Jackson in your thoughts tomorrow:)

We’re continuing with Homeopathy, trying to find the remedy that will bring Jackson out of his autism world.  We’re also continuing with our weekly Osteopath appointments in Berkeley (an hour drive each way).  

In May, Misha and I are excited to travel to Chicago to the Autism One conference. Connecting with other amazing parents, hearing presentations from the latest and greatest experts, and getting new ideas to help us decide which path we will continue with Jackson is a necessity right about now.  Trying so hard for over a year, with no clear progress, is discouraging to say the least.  We will do anything for our boy, and quitting is not an option, so on we go!

Thanks for all your support!


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