Jackson’s New Diet

It’s now coming on 11 months that Jackson has been on a strict gluten free/casein free.  Reflecting back on his GFCF diet, I haven’t noticed any changes in him due to the diet.  I still think his body is unable to digest the proteins found in gluten and casein, so I’m not willing to stop the diet.  No, what we’ve now been doing for about a week now is cleaning up Jackson’s diet even more…a mix between the Paleo/Specific Carbohydrate Diet(SCD)/Gut and Psychology Diet (GAPS) diets.  Jackson is eating even cleaner…no grains or processed foods.  His diet consists of protein, fruit, vegetables (green juice and pureed veggies I make), and baked goods that I make from almond and coconut flour without refined sugar.  He’s doing well on the even more restrictive diet and doesn’t seem to miss his store-bought GFCF cookies and crackers.  All the baking and cooking definitely adds to my weekly tasks, but if it has even the tiniest positive effect on Jackson’s body, then it’s well worth it.

I’ve revamped my baking ingredients and cleaned out the pantry.  Coconut oil is my new best friend.  I buy organic whenever I can and avoid GMOs like the plague!



I’ve bookmarked several amazing blogs/websites for Paleo/GAPS/SCD recipes and printed out my favorites:

Adventures of a Gluten Free MomAffairs of LivingAgainst all GrainBook of YumCity|Life|Eats,  Cook It Allergy FreeCybele Pascal Allergen-Free CuisineDiet, Dessert and DogsElana’s PantryGluten Free DivaGluten Free EasilyGluten Free GoddessGluten-Free CatHealth-BentHunter’s LyonesseJenn CuisineLexie’s Kitchen,  Living WithoutManifest: VeganNom Nom PaleoPaleOMG,  She Let Them Eat Cake,  Silvana’s Kitchen

Simply Gluten Free, The Allergy Menu ,  The Daily DietribeThe Mommy BowlThe Nourishing HomemakerThe Spunky CoconutThe Whole Gang

Wheatless and MeatlessWithout Adornment

I’ve put my apron back on (not really, but I should) and started baking.  For some reason, Jackson will eat almost anything baked if it is in this heart shaped waffle iron, so he eats a lot of home-made waffles.  I take pancake and muffin recipes, modify them, and bake them in this waffle iron.  I make big batches and freeze them so I can pull them out anytime for him to eat:


Sophie and I even made these amazing Paleo pumpkin donuts (minus the extremely processed sprinkles).  Sophie eats all the baked goods I make for Jackson and doesn’t seem to be missing the sugar.  I am 100% gluten free and eating the Paleo diet along with Jackson.

“Cheers to donuts,” says Sophie!


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