Doctor Dilemma

My latest quest is to find a doctor who will actually try to Jackson us rather than distantly look at us like we’re crazy to think that there is any way out of Autism.  We’re happy as can be to in the care of our wonderful Homeopath, but the thought of going to to our current pediatrician(let’s call him NH=Not Helpful) makes me sick.  NH is a very nice man, and doing what most of society expects him to do, but we’re not on the same page when it comes to Jackson.  When Misha and I took Jackson in for his 3 year old well baby visit, NH  had no helpful information to give us regarding autism/treatments/diet/cutting edge therapies.  He had not heard of the gluten free/casein free diet, supplements, Hyperbaric Oxygen, methylation cycle, mB12 shots, etc.  When we told him we had gone to the ARI (Autism Research Institute) Conference in New Jersey and gotten tons of information from Doctors about treating ‘Autism,’ he had no response other than to refer us to a neurologist.  Done. Done. Done.  Done with you, NH.

The search is on.  There are plenty of amazing doctors out there who are willing to treat and have experience treating children with Autism, but the problem is, they are not covered by insurance.  Going to our (not insurance -covered) Lyme doctor for 6 months put us back thousands of dollars in appointment costs alone.  $300, $400 an hour is just not something we can afford.

Facebook led me to:

Great!  Doctors that aren’t conforming to the “MUST vaccinate” approach.  Maybe a doc on this list would be willing to hear Jackson’s story, engage with us, listen to what we’ve been though, work with us to see Jackson thrive. After looking at many of the websites and calling several of the offices, I found a Naturopath I’m excited to take Jackson to.  Before I called the office of the ND(Naturopathic Doctor), I fist called our insurance, Blue Shield of California, to see if they cover NDs since “California has inconsistent insurance coverage” (from the ND’s website).  Boy, is that an understatement.  After being passed from one representative to another an being put on hold for many chunks of time, I finally spoke to someone who honestly told me they hadn’t been asked this question before…are Naturopathic Doctors covered?  Seriously?  She asked me why I wanted to take my son to a Naturopathic doctor, because unless it was an emergency or if we had a specific reason to need to see the ND, that insurance would NOT cover our visit.  I didn’t want to have to pull out the Autism card, but 30 minutes later, I finally was fed up and said seeing a ND IS a medial necessity since other MDs are not capable of providing treatment.

The final answer I got, after 40 painful minutes, is that Jackson’s appointment(s) with the ND WILL be covered, and that the ND office should bill the appointment as an emergency.  Indeed these appointments are emergencies….a wake up call to modern medicine that you are failing us!  You are failing  our sick country and most importantly, our sick children.  The number is no longer 1 in 88, by the way….more like 1 in 40.  Can you say EPIDEMIC?  I’ve definitely found my calling and passion, and promise to help other autism-affected families.  Before I can branch out to others, I need to know Jackson is on the right path, in the right hands, with caring, knowledgeable, empathetic doctors who care about what we are going through.

Jackson has his appointment this Tuesday, so I’ll report back then.


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