Prop 37: The Many Wins Behind the Loss

It saddens me that we live in a time where, in order to eat REAL food, you have to buy organic.  We are so far removed from where our food comes from, and food is so different than it was when my grandparents were growing up.  Our kids are sick, cancer and alzheimer rates are through the roof…times have changed, and not necessarily for the better.  I had high hopes that Prop 37 would pass and that Americans would at least see the MANY, MANY, MANY products on store shelves that contain awful GMOs.  Look in your pantry, check out your fridge.  If you’re the typical Safeway shopper, I can almost guarantee you that a minimum of 70% of your stock pile is GMO-filled.  And that’s fine with me…as long as it’s fine with you.  I have the right to know what’s in my food.  You have the right to know. Thankfully, this story is not over, and the day will come when the proof will be in the pudding (or at least on the box!).


Prop 37: The Many Wins Behind the Loss

It was a mighty fight. And it’s not over yet.

Prop 37 was narrowly defeated – 53% – 47% – on Nov. 6. But that’s a mere footnote to the real story.

The real story is this. The campaign to label genetically modified ingredients in California shone a blinding spotlight on GMOs, and on their potential threat to human health and the environment. It changed the national conversation around food safety and security, and brought transparency in labeling to the forefront of that conversation.

Prop 37 exposed the dark side of Big Ag and Big Food, and their desperation to keep consumers from having what citizens in 60 other countries have had for decades: the right to know what’s in their food.

Prop 37 underscored how money pollutes our democratic process.

Perhaps most important of all, Prop 37 amplified the conversation about the need – and opportunity – for real alternatives to a corporate-controlled-food system polluted by GMOs and pesticides, and corrupted by greed and ill-begotten profits.

So, go ahead, Monsanto. Celebrate while you can. Your victory was indeed narrow. Ours was sweeter. The momentum is on our side, and we’re moving forward.

Read more about the numbers behind Prop 37, and OCA’s plans to step up the battle to label GMOs in 2013 and beyond

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