Jackson Update

I wish I had something new and exciting to tell you guys out there, but we’re continuing our “being patient” stage.  We’ve been at Homeopathy now for 3 months, and it seems like we haven’t encountered the right remedy yet.  I’m not willing to give up on Homeopathy anytime soon, especially since our well known Homeopath is confident he will find the right remedy match for Jackson.  We have another appointment with our Homeopath on Thursday to continue our discussions about Jackson.  We continue to give him his methyl B12 shot 3 times a week, his supplements, green juice, organic gluten free, casein free diet, and a whole lotta love.  He is still the sweet, snuggly, happy, curious little 3 year old, but no huge gains.  He loves when I sing with him,  jumping on our trampoline, exploring books, playing iPad, following Sophie, and being blown by the leaf blower:)

Jackson is still at his county Autism preschool class daily from 8am-1:30pm.  It’s tough to be so out of the loop with his schooling.  I was used to being continuously involved in his at-home ABA therapy (4 hours a day), and now, he’s at school with his teacher, aides and classmates.  I do communicate with the teacher, but it’s not the same.  I’m not exactly sure if the class is meeting his needs and how he spends the hours in his school day.  We have another IEP coming up next Monday, so it’ll be nice to get an update of how Jackson’s doing and exactly what services he’s receiving.

While school/therapy is important, what’s most important at the moment is figuring out the right remedy and figuring out how Jackson is so toxic.  I’m coming to realize it’s probably a combination of things…Lyme Disease (who knows??), vaccination injury, environmental toxin exposures, GMOs, just not sure.  It’s still mind boggling to me how Sophie came out so healthy and Jackson is so sick and damaged.  We have not given up.  If anything, I’m more interested now in Homeopathy and different treatment options for Jackson than ever.

I don’t remember if I ever reported back about Jackson’s 24 hour EEG, but his results came up normal…no seizures.  From other blood tests the Neurologist ran, things came up clean.  No thyroid problem, nothing.  From the outside, Jackson seems like a healthy, growing boy.  On the inside, something’s not connecting and he’s still very delayed, nonverbal and in need of constant assistance.

We did transition Jackson from his crib to a big boy bed.  He’s cut out his nap, but sleeps through the night from 7:30pm to 6am.  He has made huge progress navigating his iPad.  He can start, stop and pick different apps and movies.  He knows where we keep the iPad, so he’ll go get it and start what he wants.  He’s obsessing over it a little, so we have to limit his iPad time.

The latest adventure we’re embarking on is an Autism Dog.  (As if 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats aren’t enough;)  A couple weekends ago, we went to Yuba City to meet with a company called Pawsitive Solutions.  They train dogs to become service dogs for children with Autism.  Puppies are trained for a year, then assigned to a family.  Essentially, the dog would help keep Jackson safe during outings (it would know his scent and be able to find him should Jackson run off), would sleep with Jackson, and go anywhere Jackson goes (excepts school).  We had a good meeting with them and got a lot of questions answered.  We recently signed the contract, put a $900 deposit down and will begin fundraising the remaining $8,100 due.  I’ll be posting more about the Autism Dog once Misha and I devise our fundraising strategy.  Being interested in an autism dog is by no means admitting defeat to Autism.  We will continue to do all we can and explore every avenue to help Jackson progress.  My dream is that Jackson will start progressing and progress so well that we’ll be left with the smartest, most loyal dog to be part of our family.




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