Be informed: Flu Shot

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To Flu Shot or Not To Flu Shot? The Rev Asks You To Do Your Homework

Hi All!  The Rev here!  It is indeed that time of year again.  Signs are posted in every establishment, grocery store, school and pharmacy telling you to “Be smart!  Get your flu shot!”  Ultimately, of course, the decision is up to you.

We here at the Thinking Moms feel VERY strongly that a person’s right to decide what they do and do not put into their own body is a fundamental freedom.  So, as the powers that be close in on you, your family, friends, bosses, buddies… warning you that you must take care of yourself, please make sure you are informed!  A plethora of data indicates that, at best, the flu shot is a bit like a trip to Vegas.  You may get sick, you may not.   They may have chosen the correct strain for this season, perhaps not.  Either way, all the adjuvants that come along for the ride carry great risks that are often glazed over by the mainstream medical community.

In this recorded phone call to a vaccine maker, the caller asks questions about mercury and how well the flu shot actually works. The answer is — perhaps unintentionally — a bit more honest than what you might hear from their ads.

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