CDC Chief Admits that Vaccines Trigger Autism

After receiving a notice from Sophie’s school that she needs her 3rd Hep B shot, I went right in to the nurse’s office and asked to sign the waiver.  As healthy our amazing little girl is, I’d like to keep her that way.  She will not be receiving any more vaccinations (including flu shot!) where god knows what is shot into her body.

Do I believe that vaccines can contribute to Autism in children who are susceptible?  Without a doubt.  Are vaccines the only culprit?  No.  We’re navigating unchartered waters in our chemically enhanced, genetically modified environment.  We are being exposed to things our parents and prior generations didn’t worry about.   Our kids who have been damaged are a wake up call to our society that something needs to happen.  The Autism rates are only increasing.  Breaks my heart that every day, more and more kids are suffering.

Taken from:

Parents have figured it out…when will our government step up?


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