Anyone out there?

We’re still here, I promise.  I haven’t given up on anything, haven’t lost focus of helping Jackson thrive….I’ve just been busy beyond belief.

Job sharing a first grade classroom, doing double day HBOT dives (we got up to 58!), finding an excellent preschool placement for Jackson, giving Jackson his supplements and remedies, getting all the GFCF food together, and spending quality time with the family seem to take up every waking minute with none to spare.

I can say, with a relieved deep breath, that my heart tells me we are on the right path.  After 3 IEPs, touring and speaking to several preschool possibilities, Jackson will be starting at a county Autism program on Monday.  We visited the classroom last week for the first time, and I went in with great reservations, already making a list in my head of the reason why this program wouldn’t be good for Jackson.  I was proven wrong after observing the teacher, aides and children in the classroom.  First and foremost, the teacher is amazing.  My belief is that a good teacher is 90% of the reason for a successful classroom and student achievement.  During our observation, she was answering all our questions, interacting with her students, and proving to us why she is a good fit for Jackson.  The program is a 5 hour day (8-1:30pm), with speech therapy and occupational therapy included in the day, with a bussing option (which we have declined for the time being).  A concern of mine was, about the staffing to student ratio…1 teacher, 2 aides, 8 students.  The thought ran through my head, do we want a one -on-one aide for Jackson?  When we signed the IEP, we signed it with the condition that we would  meet back in 30-45 school days to discuss successes, challenges, concerns.  I really feel like the teacher who impressed us will advocate for Jackson and honestly tell us if Jackson is able to meet his goals with the adults available in the classroom.  I took Jackson to the classroom on Friday for an hour to meet the teacher, aides and new friends.  He went in smiling and left smiling.  It’ll be a long day for him, and it’ll be a huge transition for him, but I have peace of mind that he is in a safe, loving, nurturing learning environment.  I am excited for his upcoming school adventures.  Jackson has been home-bound for so long, and he is so ready to go out into the classroom and gain experiences to become a successful learner.

Jackson’s behavioral therapy is just one piece of what is going to help him get better.  Internally, Jackson has an extremely toxic, poisoned body.  Lyme, vaccines, heavy metals, nagalese (just got test results he is an extremely elevated 3.4 {normal range .3-.9}), viruses, who knows, the list goes on and on.  Back in August, we met with our DAN/LLMD who had been treating Jackson for the last 7 months and explained to him our desire to pause treatment with him (perhaps temporarily), and give our Homeopath full authority to do what he sees fit for Jackson.  Jackson has been on Homeopathic treatment now for a month, meaning alternating two different remedies and taking 5 daily supplements.  The Homeopath we are seeing has seen over 13oo autistic children and has seen success with the majority.  For those of you new to Homeopathy, as I was just a few short months ago, it requires an open mind and is on the other end of traditional, allopathic medicine.  The book that first educated me about Homeopathy was Amy Lansky’s, ‘The Impossible Cure.’   Life is SOOOOOOOOO much simpler with Homeopathy .  The last 7 months have been stressful beyond belief.  Timing medicines, supplements, being homebound because of special doses, crushing, mixing.  Yes, we are giving Homeopathy 8 months to see what progress can be made, but I truly believe with all my being that we will be seeing little (leading to big) changes in this next year.  I need to be patient.  Involved, but patient.  I’m so used to surfing the web, gathering information about supplements or different treatments, posting to other parents on the Yahoo groups, researching what educational toys we should have in our house that would help Jackson, go, go, go.

The HBOT is being returned Monday, Jackson starts his new school, we start him on two new remedies this week, we’re continuing our bi monthly Osteopath appointments (we’ve now done 5), and we continue to shower him with all the love and inclusion as humanly possible.  Jackson has so much love and support behind him.  He has every reason to want to fully enter our family and engage in this world.  We will truly do anything for Jackson.  Anything.  Things are finally starting to settle down.  I am excited about Jackson’s behavioral and physical support we have in place.  Good things are coming.  I know it.  We’re still here.

2 thoughts on “Anyone out there?

  1. I’m continually amazed by your energy. You are a supermom and Jackson & S are so lucky to have you. I’m thrilled that you found a great placement for preschool and are not as home bound with the medicines/supplements. We are constantly thinking of you & keeping your family in our prayers.

  2. Elaine, I have just caught up with all you have been writing and am amazed at how much strength and energy you are keeping up! You should be so proud of yourself and Jackson and the rest of your support system, because you all are not only helping each other but also you are helping many people who may be going through the same challenges! I haven’t been able to see you at Ike but believe me, my thoughts and energy are flowing your way! xoxo Linda

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