No More Paci!

Some recent changes in Jackson:

1.  Disinterest in his pacifier.  The past few days, I noticed he would put his paci in and then take it out and throw it on the floor.  Today, he went the whole day without it and went to sleep fine without it.  At this point, I’m tossing all the spare pacifiers into the trash and watching my big boy grow up.

2.  Jackson also hasn’t been wanting to nap these past few days.  He makes it through the day just fine and gets sleepy around 7:30pm and goes to bed nicely.

3.  Today is the first time I’ve seen (and I wish I had taken a picture/video of it) Jackson playing ball with our dog, Nala.  Nala dropped the ball for Jackson, and Jackson picked it up and threw it for Nala, and the pattern continued.  Jackson got so excited and kept throwing the ball for Nala at least 10 times.  He was so happy, following Nala with excitement.

4.  I think I wrote something about this earlier, but Jackson has gotten really good with the iPad.  If I take him to the movie section, he can scroll up and down and touch the movie he wants to play it.  There’s this 5 minute Disney movie called Presto that he loves to watch over and over.  If I put the iPad away to charge, Jackson will go take it off the charger and bring it to me.

5.  Jackson will know a toy he wants and know where to go get it, whether it be the playroom, his room or the living room.  His awareness of his environment seems to be expanding.

What are these small (but huge in my eyes) changes due to?  The HBOT, we’re at 39 dives?  The Homeopathy remedies?  Camel’s milk?  Osteopath treatments?

We shall see…forward we go, I’m excited to see what other changes are in Jackson’s near future:)

One thought on “No More Paci!

  1. All I can say is I’m SO happy for you all and most of all your beautiful little boy Jackson. Those positive steps … throwing a ball with Nala, enjoying getting to the movie area on the ipad and doing it over and over….big boy things… no more paci, ending naps… I’m just so happy to hear this wonderful news. And can I just say again… how flipppin’ adorable he is? I want to scoop him up in a giant hug just from seeing his gorgeous pics. Take care and stay strong… Hugs 🙂

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