It’s been over a week, but we’re still here, alive and kicking.  I’ve just been so busy with teaching and all that comes with the beginning of school plus Sophie starting Kindergarten plus Jackson’s IEP and continued ABA therapy plus Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy plus going back to the LLMD/DAN doctor plus dealing with our mold problem.  Geez, where do I start?

All I have to say is, thank goodness I’m only teaching 50% (Mondays, Tuesdays and every other Wednesday).  I finally had a chance on Thursday to catch my breath, sit in on Jackson’s therapy, make some phone calls, grocery shop, and have some playtime with Sophie and Jackson.  Sophie transitioned into Kindergarten wonderfully.  She is a PM Kindergartener, so she goes to the Clubhouse before (and sometimes after) school.  Thank goodness Sophie is my easy, mellow, go-with-the-flow girl so that my radar can point focus on Jackson.  Don’t feel sorry for Sophie…she gets her fair share of horsie play time.

Jackson, Jackson, Jackson.  Since I left you last, we were in full “go after the virus” mode.  After not responding to the Valtrex now Famvir, and meeting with our LLMD, we’ve decided to take a 6-8 month break with the Lyme/virus/medication/supplement treatment and forge ahead with Homeopathy.  Now, Jackson alternates daily between two remedies, continues with the mb12 injections, B Complex, Vitamin D, Vitamin C probiotics, fish oil and Zinc Picolinate.  We have another appointment with our Homeopath on Friday, Sept 7th to see if we need to tweak the remedy.  Jackson has also completed four appointments with an Osteopath in Portola Valley who does hands on manipulations on Jackson’s head and stomach.

We still have our rented HBOT until September 6th and are on our 37th “dive.”  Each dive is at least an hour, so it’s been a big time commitment.

Have I seen changes?  Nothing drastic, but yes.  Jackson is much more present and communicates by leading me to where he wants to go, bringing desired objects to me and saying /g/ for go.  When presented with movie choices on the iPad, he can touch the movie he wants and touches it to start.  He is overall more present and communicative.

At the moment, Jackson is continuing his 4 hours of at home ABA therapy while we’re in the middle of his IEP.  We’re going to observe two preschools next week and meeting back with the district on September 5th.  The first county preschool program they suggested for Jackson was an extreme sight to see, with students with severe  behavior problems, down syndrome, in this tiny classroom that we were not comfortable with.  I’ll report more about our IEP experiences later in another post because it’s a long, complicated process, ending up being much more involved than I anticipated.  We’re not going to settle for just any program for Jackson.  It’s got to be right in all areas, and should we have to drag the process on and get advocates and lawyers to represent us, so be it.

Mold…Our house was remodeled six years ago when we moved in.  How can our house have a mold problem?  The mold expert we brought in and Misha believe that before the remodel, there was severe water damage and mold.  During the remodel, some of the mold probably fell under the house into the crawl space and was not disposed of properly.  To the naked eye, the crawl space is dry and perfect as an be, but after further inspection by Misha, he found what appeared to be mold, and it was confirmed mold from our mold consultant.  Five thousand dollars later, we just had our crawl space sealed off plus negative air pressure (I don’t know all the technicalities of what they did down there…the mold is Misha’s department).  Hopefully, the mold problem is now taken care of.  In a month or two, we’ll do another ERMI mold test to see if our high mold number goes down.


We’re continuing on, still believing recovery for Jackson is possible.  We’ve hit our share of roadblocks, detours and potholes, but my focus is still helping Jackson.  Is it Lyme Disease?  Is it vaccine damage?  Is it a virus?  Possibly all of the above.  I am so excited about our current road trip with Homeopathy.  If you don’t know anything about Homeopathy, I highly suggest reading Amy Lansky’s book, ‘The Impossible Cure.’  I just learned about it a few months ago, and it makes sense to me…treating the whole body and the root problem rather than masking the symptoms with medication.  I’ll do my best to keep updating, but know that we’re still here, fighting every day for Jackson.

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