Here I am with Jackson in the HBOT this morning.  He ate his breakfast, took his supplements and meds, and now we’re in the “space ship.”


Ideally, he would be wearing an oxygen mask to be getting 100% oxygen, but that’s not going to happen at the moment, so i’m holding the oxygen tube as close to his face without him pushing my hand away, so he’s really only probably getting 60% oxygen..  So, Im typing one handed at the moment.  Jackson has his iPad, blankie and paci, so he is a happy camper.

Today is actually our second “dive,” as HBOT pros call it.  After picking it up yesterday afternoon, Sophie, Jackson and I tried it for the first time.   Uhhhhhh, BIG mistake.  Never again.  Sophie and Jackson actually did great, but along with an oxygen chamber, it was a sauna!  We made it about 50 minutes, and then I couldn’t take it any longer.  We were wet and sticky and ready to get out.  Today, we have just me and Jackson and some portable fans blowing, and it’s great!

This is going to be a huge time commitment (two hour long sessions a day) for a month, but if Jackson responds to the HBOT as do 60-80% of kids with autism, other neurological disorders, it will be worth it.

Our attempts in helping Jackson continues…thanks for hanging in there with us on this bumpy journey.  There’s not anything I wouldn’t do for my boy.


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