What’s Going On With Jackson?

Even I’m not quite sure, so it’ll be good for me to write this post.  On Monday, we had an appointment with another DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctor in Pleasanton.  She is the doctor who we’re renting the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber (HBOT) from.  We pick up the HBOT on Saturday, and are renting it for a month.  She took a look at Jackson’s tests and supplement/medication list.  Misha and I told her what we’ve been through the last 5 months treating Jackson and how we haven’t seen much/any progress.  We also expressed to her our struggle with the constant question is our minds…DOES JACKSON REALLY HAVE LYME DISEASE?  After looking at Jackson’s Igenex Lyme test, she said the test is a compelling positive test.  Her comment now makes me want another opinion Jackson’s Lyme Disease.  I made an appointment with *THE* Lyme doctor in Redwood City that is the best of the best (including crazy expensive).  I want to be assured that a) Jackson does have Lyme and co-infections and b) he’s receiving the best treatment for it possible.  We have one more appointment on Aug. 13th with our current Lyme doctor, but after that, we’ve got our appointment with our new Lyme doctor on September 5th.  If it really is Lyme, we need a new/different approach to treating Jackson.

What about Homeopathy?  I’m not at all done with Homeopathy.  I really feel like it will play a key role in Jackson’s treatment.  Something is stopping me from the Homeopathy path until I know about the Lyme one way or another.  Some questions will be answered in the next couple of months that will determine what treatment path we’ll take….Homeopathy or Lyme, or possibly, a combination of the two.

Whichever treatment route we do end up taking, HBOT is a good option for both Lyme and Autism.  Our LLMD and Homeopath both recommended HBOT.  The one thing that the Pleasanton DAN doctor said about HBOT is that if a child with Lyme Disease does HBOT for a month, they must continue it longer term or else the progress made from the chamber will eventually dwindle.  On the other hand, a child without Lyme who does a month of HBOT and makes progress, their gains are usually permanent.  We’ll see if purchasing a $10,000 oxygen chamber is in our future.  I hope not, but if it is a key piece to Jackson’s recovery, then it’s a possibility.

Jackson hasn’t shown any real behavioral changes, positive or negative.  Last Friday, upon returning home from his EEG, Jackson had a major throw up spell, vomiting 7 times!  This morning, I went into Jackson’s room to wake him up and he had throw up all over his crib:(  Today is the first throw up since last Friday.  I’m wondering if it’s the Valtrex or if he’s just sick.  He doesn’t seem under the weather, so I’m wondering if the vomiting is one of the Herx reactions I’m supposed to be looking for.  Another question I don’t have the answer to.

I’m excited to soon have a new doctor and new set of eyes to follow Jackson.  If the new Lyme doctor looks at Jackson’s tests and runs new tests of his own and somehow determines that it is not Lyme Disease, then I will be on the Homeopthic path in a snap.   There is so much uncertainty in Jackson and what’s going on inside of him.  I am determined to figure it out and get him what he needs.


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