Jackson’s 24 Hour EEG

It’s Saturday morning, and we are in the home stretch of Jackson’s 24 hour EEG.  At 12 noon, we get to take off his electrodes and get back to normal around here.  Honestly, I didn’t think we’d make it this far, but Jackson has been overly amazing (don’t know why I doubted him) since yesterday at noon.  We’re going to get some extremely important information from this…either that Jackson is experiencing mini seizures throughout his day or that his EEG reads clean, no seizures.

The hardest part was definitely getting the electrodes on his head.  We wrapped him up tight in a swaddle so he couldn’t move and the technician put 28 electrodes over his head.  Those electrodes are connected to a recording machine that Jackson wears on his back in a backpack.  That whole process took about an hour, with Jackson crying and squirming the while time.  We got home, and Jackson seemed fine with his head piece and backpack.  I put him in the stroller to take him for a walk, and made it about 2 blocks out when I see/hear Jackson throw up.  He threw up 3 times in the stroller as I was running home.  My parents were at my house and helped me clean him up and take him to my bedroom to relax and watch a movie.  While in bed, he threw up 3 more times!  Jackson threw up more yesterday than he has in his three years of life.  I don’t know what the vomiting was all about.  I don’t think it had anything to do with his electrodes on his head.  My only thought is that it could be from his medications/supplements.  Was it a herx reaction?  Was it some sort of die off from the Valtrex?  When Jackson woke up from his nap yesterday, he felt much better and was back to his normal self.

Jackson slept fine last night, 10:15pm-6:45am.  He was in our bed with me while Misha got the couch.  I got a few chunks of sleep, but was up most of the night worrying about Jackson’s wires and headpiece.  Yesterday was the first night I have ever slept with Jackson…he usually sleeps in his crib in his room.  I noticed he is a mover!  He was all over our King bed, rolling around in his sleep.  One of the electrodes from his back came off during the night, so I stuck it back on in the morning and made note of it on the recording sheet.

Today at noon, we get to take off the electrodes and headpiece…can’t wait!  Jackson did great and he proved me wrong that he can do anything asked of him.  He’s a mellow, easy going boy.  He’s not grabbing at the wires or trying to pull off his backpack.  I got some amazing snuggle time with Jackson yesterday, and the grandparents were amazingly helpful, cleaning up throw up and doing any odd job around the house.

Once I turn everything in, it’ll take a week for the neurologist to read the data from the box and get back to us with any concerns or the all clear.

Good Job, Jackson!



4 thoughts on “Jackson’s 24 Hour EEG

  1. You are such an amazing mother Elaine. I’m sure it’s hard to see your child like this, but what a trooper he is. Not many kids would’ve done as well as Jackson. Great job Jackson and great job mom!! I wish you the best of luck. Keep us posted.

    • Thanks, Bonny! One more hour, and we’ll see how taking everything off goes. I have a feeling it will be a sticky mess. Jackson gets a gold star for today!

  2. The 24 hours of Peyton’s EEG were probably the longest of my life (even longer than the 43 hours I was awake for his birth). But, the results gave us peace of mind which was definitely worth it. Way to go Jackson! And Elaine!!!

    • Seriously, Leslie, so glad it’s over! He’s napping happily, apparatus free, in his crib. I’ll let you know the results in a week…I’m ready for that peace of mind too.

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