Vaccine&Autism Link

I’ve been thinking and thinking back to my pregnancies with Sophie and Jackson, trying so hard to remember if I had a flu shot during the pregnancies.  I know my doctor suggested I have them, but I don’t think it was the H1N1.  Nothing was different in my pregnancies with Sophie and Jackson.  I was taught up until the end of my third trimester, I ate the same foods, used the same cleaning products, nursed the same amount of time.  Were vaccines just too much for Jackson’s immune system because of Lyme?  The trickiest thing is that I don’t ever remember being bit by a tick, I feel as healthy as can be, yet Jackson is so sick.  I don’t know for sure, but it must have been the Lyme compromising Jackson’s immune system combined with toxic vaccines mixing in a destructive way.

From Joel Lord and

Mother & child share the same immunity while the baby is ‘In Utero’ (all 3 trimesters) & for the entire duration of breast-feeding after birth. The mother’s Placenta, & breast milk (Colostrum) are inextricably linked, providing a baby’s primary initial source of nourishment through the long journey of formation in utero; while supplying the basic building blocks of life necessary to guarantee a safe transition into early childhood development. It goes without saying that pregnant women are at a heightened risk of adverse reactions to vaccines.

Genetics play a significant (but not central) role in determining the onset of Autism and other conditions so prevalent today. Our parents & their parents before them suffered chronic long term exposure to heavy metals & live viruses via similar mass vaccination programs given in their era. The Salk/Sabin Polio shot passed on inter-generational viruses & cancers including: Post-Polio Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis & Cerebral Palsy (known as Aseptic/Viral Meningitis). This inter-generational aspect of mineral & anti-oxidant depletion, reduced Mitochondrial efficacy & viability, which is passed on via the Placenta & Colostrum, compounded by vaccine derived toxicity (premature breach of the electrical grid system), strips a baby of its most vital guard during the earliest, critical stages of development. As children we often inherit a compromised system based on this legacy. It’s Russian Roulette. Your immune system enters this world with a certain vulnerability; determined by the family gene pool. Bottom line, there’s simply no escaping history.

Vaccines, by their very nature, play off each other – a synergistic reaction; triggering further infections & disorders. In many cases the very signature disease/disorder they claim to protect you against is PRECISELY that which they inadvertently spread. The tipping point comes sooner for some than others. Children with Autism fall into that category.

Thimerosal Mercury is added to the H1N1 (seasonal Influenza vaccine) series ostensibly to sterilize the giant multi-dose vats containing the serum. Mercury is such a fine neuro-toxin it gets absorbed into the Placenta thereby exposing the fetus, regardless of which trimester, to the potential of serious trauma & long-term side effects including asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, Autism, Down Syndrome, Schizophrenia and unfortunately in certain cases, even death. ‘Studies have shown that the level of mercury in the umbilical cord blood of newborns is 1.7 times higher than the mercury level in their mother’s blood.’

’Studies of the organs and tissues of the first generation progeny revealed mercury in the stomach and intestine at birth and in the first week of life, apparently on account of the entry of mercury through the placental barrier and by way of their mother’s milk. Subsequently, it was noted that the first-generation progeny of mothers that had been previously exposed to the ethylmercury compound had significantly reduced fertility in comparison to controls. The second generation progeny had low viability, lagged in their weight growth, and were retarded with respect to ossification in several cases. Finally, it was then observed when mating the second generation progeny that there was a significant decrease in fertility in comparison to the control group.‘ A Review of Thimerosal (Merthiolate) and its Ethyl-Mercury Breakdown Product: Specific Historical Considerations Regarding Safety and Effectiveness


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