Jackson’s Sacramento Neurology Appt.

Monday, Jackson, my dad, Misha and I went to Sacramento to meet with a Neurologist who is part of Sutter’s Autism Medical Treatment Program.  I had high, high hopes that the neurologist, being part of the Autism Program, would be open and think outside the autism box, but we had no such luck  She was the typical neurologist, by the book, willing to do some blood tests and a 24 hour EEG on Jackson, but otherwise, according to her, there are no treatments for Autism and to just continue the behavioral therapy.  She said she would run a heavy metals test on Jackson.  I asked her where heavy metals would come from in a healthy child.  I was wondering whether she’d fess up to the autism<–>vaccine connection.  Her reply was heavy metals came from toys and things in the child’s environment they put in their mouths.

We already got most of Jackson’s test results.  Everything came up in the normal ranges.  The two test results we’re still waiting for are the Fragile X Syndrome and heavy metals test.

Jackson’s 24 hour EEG test is scheduled for this owing Friday.  We go to a nearby office and the hook electrodes over Jackson’s head and tape an information recording box to his back.  How are we going to keep Jackson from ripping off the electrodes from his head?  I have no idea.  The second he takes one of the electrodes off, the test is void and we’d have to start over at another date.  I seriously have no idea how we’re going to keep Jackson from messing with the things stuck to his head.  I’m thinking about going to buy a tight swim cap so he can’t touch anything.  Knowing Jackson though, he’s a determined little boy, and he finds ways to do what he wants.  If all goes well, he’ll sleep with the apparatus and we’ll return to the office on Saturday at noon so they can disconnect everything.  The information recording box will then be sent back to Sacramento for the neurologist to analyze for seizure abnormalities and we’ll get results.

I wish, wish, wish we could have used the real time EEG technology that Harvard’s Aditi Shankardass tested out in her studies.  My aunt has a connection that brought me in contact with Dr. Shankardass, and in our phone conversation, she informed me that the study was over and that they were in the write-up phase, no longer using the technology at this time.  I think this real-time EEG technology is so innovative, and will be a huge tool once in the hands of more hospitals/doctor’s offices.

I’m not looking forward to the 24 hour EEG on Friday/Saturday, but will do everything possible to make it work so we can know if Jackson is one of the 30+% of kids with Autism who also have seizures.


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