Jackson Update…Back in Action!

Alright, so after today’s appointment with our LLMD, I feel back in control of Jackson’s treatment and confident enough to blog about it, so let me fill you in.  Reflecting back on the past week, I believe I wanted to take a break in the blogging because I felt at a crossroads with Jackson’s treatments.  Do we continue Jackson under the care of our LLMD and continue the Lyme/Autism treatment or do we switch to over to Homeopathy?  A choice had to be made.  Our LLMD and Homeopathy doctor s know each other and respect each others’ work, but we cannot be doing both treatments together.  Allopathy vs. Homeopathy.  Ahhhhh!  I believe in both healers, so I was confronted with a hard choice that I didn’t want to make. Thankfully, with the guidance of Misha and my parents, we’ve figured out the next steps…

I left you a week ago after we had our appointment with a well known Homeopath.  I was so impressed with him and so confident in his healing abilities, that I left his office wanting to start Jackson on his remedies and his healing path immediately.  I loved the idea of not having to use antibiotics anymore, not having to follow such a rigid medication schedule and the idea of treating Jackson as a whole and not a product of his symptoms.  Though it felt so freeing to take a break from the Lyme treatment, something didn’t sit well with me that we just cut Jackson off completely so quickly from our LLMD.  So, I made an appointment with out LLMD to lay it all out on the table.

Today we met with our LLMD to have an open, honest conversation about our feelings about the Homeopathy path, Jackson’s medication schedule, our concerns and next steps. He was very understanding and reaffirmed his underlying desire for Jackson to get better, whether it’s him or the Homeopath.

There were some new test results in Jackson’s chart from a previous blood draw that confirmed the viral component in Jackson that our LLMD wants to have the opportunity to treat.  Our decision now for Jackson is that we are going to go after the virus hard for two months or so.  If by then we don’t see the improvements we’ve been hoping for, our LLMD said that Homeopathy would be a good idea to try.

So how are we going after the virus?  We’re bumping up the Valtrex to 250mg twice a day.  We’re hoping to see some die off reaction…a rash, fever, change in behavior for the worse.  After 10 days, I’ll call our LLMD and give him an update…whether Jackson showed a herx reaction or not.  Then, we’ll be delving into Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy (HBOT).

There is an office right around the corner from us that have Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers or we are contemplating renting one to keep right in Jackson’s room.  The goal is to do 40 hour long sessions in 4 weeks.  The HBOT reduces inflammation and helps with the viral load.  It’s going to be challenging keeping Jackson in the small chamber  for so long, but hopefully with the iPad, blankie and mommy with him, it won’t be so bad.

I’m hoping for some results in this next month from upping the dose of the Valtrex and HBOT.  Jackson will no longer be taking the antibiotics and we cut out a few other supplements that don’t need to be taken at the moment.  Jackson is back on his rigid medication schedule, but I feel a lot better about it knowing we have an end goal in sight and our next plan of attack should we not see the results we’re after.

John, our Homeopath, referred Jackson to see an Osteopath after hearing Jackson’s birth story and noticing Jackson’s head shape.  Jackson’s head is not abnormal looking, but it is shaped higher up in the back.  Today, we went to see the Osteopath.  At our hour long visit, the Osteopath took a detailed history of Jackson and then began his therapy of touch on Jackson.  Jackson was such a good boy!  He sat up on the table/bed (watching the iPad), and the Osteopath touched his back, neck and head for over 30 minutes.  Jackson is very affectionate and doesn’t mind people (he knows) touching him, but I was surprised at how at ease Jackson was with the Osteopath touching him.  Just by touching Jackson, the Osteopath could tell Jackson had digestive issues and inflammation in his stomach.  He also said that Jackson’s head is very tense and  tightly smushed together (those weren’t his exact words, but I can’t remember what he said:).  Through light touch and slight adjustments, he is confident he can help Jackson and see improvements.  My eyes have opened to new types of therapies I never before thought I would believe in.  I am excited to be introduced to this new world of healing.

These past 5 months have been busy, difficult and even a bit discouraging.  It’s draining putting so much time, effort and money toward treatments that have not shown the results we wanted.  I truly think it’s all part of the process of ruling out what doesn’t work and leading us to the treatment(s) that will eventually work on Jackson.  Like I’ve said a time and again, I know Jackson is in there and waiting to come out.  We’re getting closer and closer and the day will come when new milestones are met and Jackson progresses.  I promise you, I’m not crazy.  I haven’t lost my mind.  I am still the same Elaine everyone knows/knew.  I’ve been presented with this Autism obstacle, and it’s challenged me in every way imaginable.  I’m not giving up, not by a long shot.  This past week of insecurities has put me back in the driver’s seat, with a new surge of energy, ready to kick Autism (or whatever Jackson has) in the ass.

Coming soon…Mold and School District Updates.


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