Camels Milk Experiment

The shipment came today!  From, I paid the $25 membership fee and ordered 9 pints of frozen camel’s milk.  I thawed the first bottle today, and this evening, Jackson and Sophie each had their first taste.  For Jackson, I put the milk into the oral syringe (my best friend), and squirted away.  He liked it, and kept opening willingly until he drank about 2 ounces in all.  I may try it in his sippy cup tomorrow.


When I asked Sophie if she wanted some camel’s milk, she said, “sure, but can I have some horsie milk too?”  For those of you who don’t know (almost 5 year old) Sophie, she is in love with horses.  Sophie liked the milk, especially since I warmed it and added some chocolate syrup.  She said it tasted like hot chocolate.

So far, so good with the camel’s milk.  Crossing my fingers I see some gains from this expensive beverage.  The milk itself is actually reasonably priced at $10 a pint…it’s the $40 shipping that gets ya.  Camel’s milk is one intervention on my list of things to try, so here it goes.  I’ll keep you posted….



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