Jackson Knows and Loves His Mommy! (Jackson Update)

Jackson has known who I am for a while now, but he didn’t always care if I was around or not.  The last four weeks, Jackson has been without any therapy, just mommy therapy.  Now that he has started his 20 hours of ABA therapy a week, Jackson definitely notices and vocalizes discontent when I leave the room for him to play with his therapist.  I went quickly to Whole Foods this morning to stock up on blueberry coconut yogurt, and when I got back, Jackson was in the middle of his therapy session, playing in the living room.  He got up and ran toward me, becoming an instant hip magnet.  The therapist asked and encouraged him to go outside with her.  I knew he wanted to go outside, but he also didn’t want me to leave him, so he pushed me toward the door to go outside with him.  I went with him and paused right outside the door, and he continued to push me toward the swing.

Usually, I’m all for Jackson time and playing with him, but with the ABA therapy now, our case consultant thought it would be better that I escape to the back room so the therapist can have Jackson’s full attention without him being distracted by me, the preferred object.  I think I just noticed it crystal clear today how attached he is to me.  I take it as a good sign since all typically developing kids show attachment to a parent/both parents.

Another major change I’m noticing is Jackson’s eye contact.  I don’t know if it’s just with me or not, but when I’m engaging and interacting with him, he will be looking into my eyes.  Yesterday, he looked into my eyes so deeply that he poked my eye out of curiosity.  It wasn’t malicious, he was just exploring.  Seeing that my eyes closed when he poked them made him smile and we made a little game out of it.

After 4 hours of therapy yesterday, I put on the movie Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.  I heard Jackson laugh at certain parts.  Whenever I heard Jackson laugh, I looked over, and woweeee….he was laughing at parts that were actually funny!  He wasn’t just laughing at nothing like he sometimes does.  He was laughing appropriately!

I think things are progressing, but very slowly with no major “aha’s!”  Slow and steady is the name of the game right now.


4 thoughts on “Jackson Knows and Loves His Mommy! (Jackson Update)

  1. When i was there yesterday, i noticed he seemed more aware of what others were doing. And he noticed when all the kids went inside and followed them He seemed to be looking more at faces Just overall more in tune. 🙂 !!’n

  2. Awesome! That’s a progress, even if it is a small one! When I saw the post title, I thought there were great news in it so I read it right away. Reading your posts makes me feel closer. Miss you!

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