A Week of Valtrex

Jackson has been taking his Valtrex (250mg) once in the morning for six days now.  There has been no obvious die off…no rashes, no vomiting, etc.  I have noticed that Jackson will get angry easier.  For example, if I take something away from him, he will be more vocal and even throw a fit, something that Jackson rarely did before.  He is still mostly his happy self, but he does make his needs known a little bit more.  One of Jackson’s behaviors that I thought he had outgrown, is holding two of the same thing…be it puzzle pieces, blocks, shovels, markers, anything, as long as there is one for each hand.  His need for holding two things has returned:


He seems calmer when he has two things in hand.  Before, it wasn’t a huge problem to take the items out of his hands, we would just say, “Jackson, clean up.”  But now, if we have to take his two objects, he throws a fit.  Another example of Jackson’s fit-thowing was this past weekend, we went to Gilroy Gardens, a mini-amusment park for kids.  Jackson loved riding the rides, so much so that he often didn’t want to get off, and forget about standing in line…


Usually, when at a zoo or fair with rides, Jackson is fine getting on and off, almost so out of it that he doesn’t even notice or doesn’t care.  Last weekend, he definitely cared when it was time to get off.  I guess the tantrums are a step forward?  Not sure.

It seems as though Jackson engages with me more when I play with him.  He has a few favorite songs that I sing to him.  In the middle of the songs, I will pause, then Jackson will look at me, smile and say, “da,” telling me to keep singing.  Jackson and I had an hour long, engaging play session yesterday where he was looking at me and communicating simply with me.

Jackson seems overall more aware of his surroundings.  I caught him looking at photos hanging on the walls.  When he hears voices in another room, he’ll go check them out.  Eye contact is better.  I haven’t heard teeth-grinding in over a week.  He shows me when he wants me to open the door to play outside.  Another thing I’ve noticed is how attached he is to me.  If I leave to run an errand, Jackson will follow me to the door and cry that I’m leaving….another sign of awareness!

Overall, I see little things that lead me to believe something is working, be it Valtrex, Antibiotics, Supplements, b12 shots or that he’s just developmentally growing.  We’ll see what happens in the upcoming days and weeks.


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