Autism&Vaccines:The Greater Good

I blogged about the movie, The Greater Good, a while back.  It is amazingly informative and worth a watch.  My words of caution are that pediatricians do not know all.  Newborns do not need a Hep B shot on their day of birth.  Why not look into an alternative vaccination schedule to keep our kids healthy?  The movie explains the politics behind vaccines, and it is obvious, our kids are not in the priority to these big pharmaceutical companies.  It’s all about the $$$.  To all my new mommy friends out there, see this movie!  I haven’t found it free anywhere, but it’s available to purchase at  The best $20 you’ve ever spent.


Alex Jones on “The Greater Good” Vaccination Documentary


June 27, 2012 Leslie Manookian was interviewed about vaccine safety and her phenomenal new movie, “The Greater Good.”on the Alex Jones Show.

It’s about a half hour long and very informative.  Leslie told me that during and immediately following the show they sold 1,500 DVD’s of the movie!  She got two interview requests after the show also.  What more proof could you want that the vaccine controversy will only get worse?

Anne Dachel.

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