It’s So Much More Than Just Autism!

I love my morning dose of The Thinking Mom’s Revolution.  Like them on Facebook, and get their almost daily inspiring blog posts.  Today’s post really resonated.  For all you parents out there dealing with ADHD, Allergies, Autism, Asthma, chronically sick kids, they CAN heal, but they need your help.  There is so much stacked against us…vaccine injuries, Genetically Modified Foods, Mercury dental fillings and toxins everywhere…but we can do it!


At TMR we rally around our fight for autism prevention and healing awareness, but each and every one of us knows that the issue is much bigger than just autism.  Cellular toxicity resulting from vaccines, our toxic food supply and/or irresponsible dentistry causes not only autism but also a host of other childhood diseases.  Perhaps you’ve heard of these?  Allergies, asthma, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, general anxiety, ODD, diabetes and many other chronic illnesses share the same root cause as autism.

Autism is so *visible* because the impairments our children suffer manifest themselves in anti-social or otherwise odd behavior.  It often impairs their ability to lead independent lives.  It gets more media attention because our taxpayer dollars are used to fund the ever-increasing educational and other supports needed to care for this new generation of special needs kids.

Yet the autism statistics –1 in 88 children — pale in comparison with other childhood diseases.   According to the CDC 1 in 10 boys are diagnosed with ADHD.  1 in 10.  And 1 in 11 children are diagnosed with asthma.  WebMD reports the number of people in the US who have allergy symptoms is 1 in 5.  The Professor said it best when she said:  “This country spends more money on healthcare—including all that preventative healthcare—per capita than any other country, and yet our kids are getting sicker and sicker.”


An unhealthy and often toxic food supply filled with unnecessary chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. The irresponsible use of amalgam dental fillings that are made 50% of mercury.

And vaccines loaded with toxic fillers and sometimes mercury.

This overload of toxins overwhelms the liver and other detoxification systems leaving toxins to circulate around the body – interfering with proper brain and other bodily functions.  These toxins settle in tissues leading to a condition of chronic cellular toxicity and immune dysfunction.  Based on an individual’s genetic predisposition and WHERE in your body some of the more toxic substances (like mercury) have settled, this condition of chronic cellular toxicity may result in an autism spectrum disorder in one person, or allergies, asthma, or ADHD in another person.


THEY ALL HAVE THE SAME ROOT CAUSE!  (sorry for shouting)

The good news is that there is hope for healing.  The children of TMR are getting better.  They are healing.  And so can the millions of children with other childhood diseases.  Because the cause of the disease is the same. So the approach to healing will be the same.  Luv Bug and MamaBear both shared stories of healing from asthma.  The Professor  details her story of healing from both a speech disorder and ADHD.

There is hope.

How much bigger could our impact be if all those parents of children with allergies, asthma, ADHD and other childhood diseases — if those parents understood *how* their child become sick?  Imagine if those parents started THINKing and healing their children…

Children with allergies, asthma and ADHD, etc. CAN GET BETTER.

We need to spread the word.

Share it.  Spread it.  Pass it on.



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