Valtrex, Day 2

The past six months, since I read Jenny McCarthy’s books, and found out about Stan Kurtz and his son, Ethan, I became part of the ‘mb12valtrex’ Yahoo group that Stan started.  It is then that I became familiar with Valtrex as a part of a protocol that was helping so many autistic children.  I have read many Yahoo posts from parents who experienced many different ‘die off’ symptoms, from fever, regression, rashes, poop-smearing, fatigue, etc.  So far with Jackson, on 250mg once in the morning, I haven’t noticed any changes.  Jackson has never shown any noticeable herx reactions to any of his meds or supplements, so I’m eager to see if he responds at all to Valtrex.

Jackson had his first dentist appointment this morning, an appointment I’ve been putting off forever since I knew how uncooperative he’d be.  It’s not that he’s uncooperative, he just doesn’t like being forced to do something he doesn’t understand.  He had no problem being in the office and even sitting in the big chair with and without me (I wish I had taken a picture, he was so cute!), but trying to get him to open his mouth for the dentist to look inside just wasn’t going to happen.   We tried the iPad, him in my lap, me holding him down, prying his mouth open, but it wasn’t going to happen.  Right now, the dentist is the least of my concerns.  We made an appointment for six months from now, hoping to the high heavens above that we’ll have made some gains and Jackson will be able to open his mouth willingly on his own.  Time will tell.  We left so quickly out of the dentist’s office that I didn’t notice the two Thomas kaleidoscopes in Jackson’s hands that we’ll be borrowing (see pictures below).

Jackson and I went to the park after the dentist.  The park is adjacent to a dog park, so after going down the slide once, Jackson wandered over to the dog are and stood behind the fence, watching the dogs.  I don’t know if he was just zoning out or really interested in the dogs, but he stayed there about 10 minutes, quiet, content, staring.  We made our way back to the park and Jackson mostly wandered around, occasionally starring at other kids playing.  After swinging, Jackson got down and spotted a graham cracker on the ground.  He immediately knew he wanted it, reached down and picked it up until meanie mommy took it from him.  Not GFCF AND dirty, no, no, no.  Jackson got super mad, stomping his feet and whining.  I tried to distract him and point him back to the park, but he was done, his mind was set on the graham cracker.  Our park trip was over:(


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