Bills, Bills, Bills

Who knew this adventure of helping Jackson overcome Autism/Lyme Disease would be so costly, financially and time-wise.  I was more than willing/happy to give up a year of teaching to concentrate on helping Jackson, but living in California and the Silicon Valley,  it’s almost expected that both parents work full time.  My parents and Misha’s have been amazingly, overly generous with their resources and have dedicated so much money to Jackson and our family’s cause.  Every LLMD doctor’s visit is out of pocket.  Every supplement, herb and pricey prescription copays are out of pocket.  I don’t have an ongoing tally, but I’m sure we are well beyond $10,000 by now.  Probably even $15,000.  Actually, with all the mold stuff, probably more like $20,000.  Misha and I are so incredibly thankful to our parents.  They could’ve had 20 vacations around the world by now, but they are committed to seeing Jackson recover.  I stay strong every day and do what needs to be done because we are all so invested in Jackson.  We do submit our office visit receipts to our insurance company, but on average, out of $1,000 we turn in, we get back about $100.   Below is our latest stack of LLMD visit bills that we mailed today for reimbursement.  I don’t even really keep track of what we pay and what we get back from insurance because it’s so minimal.

Pardon the old, dump-bound pee-stained mattress below, but I’ve laid out the empty medication/supplement/herb bottles we’ve been through.  Just one of those little one ounce herb droppers is $100.  I think I counted 20 of them, so right there is a significant chunk of change.  I know this time, effort, sacrifice and money is worth it, and recovery is coming.  Jackson is worth it, the time is now, and on we go.

So many people love you, Jackson!  Keep up the fight!


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