Still Here!

Sophie ‘graduated’ preschool and Jackson has a break in his ABA therapy until the beginning of July when his extended school year program resumes.  So, I’ve been busy entertaining two kids and trying to stay sane.  My parents took Sophie to their house until Saturday, so it’s nice to have some time with just Jackson and a slower pace.   Sophie has such amazing energy and can go, go, go!

I wish I had something exciting and groundbreaking to share, but really, all I can say is that we’re following Jackson’s treatment plan…supplements, b12 shots, herbs, antibiotics.  We’re also waiting back for the mold results from the dust samples that were taken a week ago.  Do we really have a mold problem?  Is mold keeping Jackson from getting better?  Do I just need to be patient and continue this protocol?  Do we need to try something else?  I had such high hopes that we’d see a little progress by now, and it’s a little discouraging not to have any evidence of all our efforts working.

Our next appointment with the LLMD is July 9th, and by then, hopefully we’ll have our mold question answered and know more about our next steps.  The other new thing we’re set up is an appointment with a pediatric neurologist in Sacramento,  We have an appointment on July 16th to meet with Dr. Chandra at the Autism Medical Treatment Center at the Sutter Neuroscience Institute.  We want to hopefully rule out the possibility of mini seizures.  I’m assuming Jackson will have to do a sleep study.

I was really hoping to have a better grasp on Jackson’s progress by now, before I have to go to work.  Really, I just want to know that what we’re doing is helping and not harming Jackson.  I don’t want to be giving him ongoing antibiotics if he doesn’t need them.  Can’t there be an easy answer to have a healthy boy?  Jackson continues to be amazing through all his treatment, and I am so thankful for that.  On we go, day by day, hoping for the best.  I didn’t think the beginning of this journey would be so slow, but nobody’s giving up and we’re not stopping until we have our Jackson.



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