Mold Update

We met yesterday with John, the mold expert.  He stayed over three hours, it’s safe to say he knows mold.  We spent the first two hours discussing mold, our air sample test, ERMI test, and how to keep a clean environment for Jackson.  He spoke to us about carpets, hardwood floors, vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, HEPA filters, and all things mold.

We didn’t get any concrete answers, but he took dust samples from each room to be studied in a mold lab, to be grown in a culture over three weeks.  More testing, more waiting!  He walked in, around, under and above our house to look for any red flags.

I do feel better now after speaking to an expert.  We are already doing a lot to provide Jackson with a clean environment: hardwood floors, HEPA air filtration system, Miele vacuum with a HEPA filter, green cleaning products, and cleaning often.  I’m ready to know one way or another what our mold situation is, so three weeks it is.


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