Lyme Documentary


Help us raise enough money to finish the documentary film LymeLight. All proceeds raised on this Kickstarter will go directly to funding the completion of this film.

  • For every pledge, we will add your name to the credits of the film.
  • LymeLight will be distributed on DVD and hosted online for free viewing.

LymeLight follows professional freeskier Angeli VanLaanen as she overcomes the complications of living with the chronic illness, “Lyme Disease”. Angeli, just twenty-six years old from Bellingham, Washington is considered one of the top women freeskiers in the world, competing in many high profile events such as the X-Games and having countless photos published in magazines. Most recently, she was featured on the cover of Skiing Magazine’s November 2011 issue.

Lyme Disease is a bacterial infection caused by a bite from an infected tick and can develop into complications with the joints, heart and/or nervous system if not treated. Angeli, living with Lyme disease for over 15 years, 14 of which were misdiagnosed, was forced to step back from her professional skiing career to focus on her health. Through strong mental and physical determination, you see Angeli work to overcome her illness and return to her sport of professional freeskiing.

LymeLight serves as an inspirational story for those who have fought to overcome chronic illness and physical setbacks. It delivers a powerful message of the importance of living a healthy, active lifestyle on a daily basis.

More about Lyme Disease: 

Lyme Disease is caused by a spiral-shaped bacteria (spirochete) called Borrelia Burgdorferi, which is transferred through the bite of an infected Black Legged tick. This bacteria attacks the central nervous system, can cause infection of multiple organs and produce a wide range of symptoms. If caught promptly, treatment can eradicate the infection in 6-8 weeks. If left untreated, the Lyme spirochete can embed into any area of the body, making treatment long term. This condition is called Chronic Lyme Disease. Chronic Lyme Disease can be immobilizing and even fatal. There is much controversy and debate in the medical community on treatment protocol and the possibility of a cure for Chronic Lyme Disease.

Unfortunately Angeli’s story of going years undiagnosed, is all too common. Black Legged ticks can be found in almost every state in the USA and many countries around the world. 50% of people diagnosed with Lyme Disease have no recollection of a “bullseye rash,” a symptom particular to Lyme infection. In years past this rash was the main diagnosing factor. These days you will find physicians using the ELISA and Western Blot blood tests. This testing protocol is not sensitive enough to pick up the bacteria 100% of the time and in many cases leads to “false negatives.” These are problems you may run into if your doctor even thinks to test you for Lyme Disease in the first place. In most cases doctors overlook Lyme Disease as a possible cause all together.

For more information about Lyme Disease visit

“The most powerful solution to a problem is action. In sharing my story around the world, I will shed light on living with Lyme Disease and help create a supportive environment for those battling this illness. With understanding comes compassion, and having compassion from those around us inspires personal strength. I want to empower others to be strong through hard times.” Angeli VanLaanen


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