Jackson Update

No, no noticeable improvements from treatment yet, but I did want to report about the IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meeting we had on Friday.  It went really well. The psychologist and speech therapists reported their assessment reports, we came up with Jackson’s goals for the year and we talked about services.  Since Jackson turned 3 at the end of the school year, it didn’t make sense for Jackson to start a program for just a week or two.  The district proposed continuing the 20 hours of ABA in home therapy for the remainder of this school year (until June 8th), and for the extended year program (4 weeks in the summer).  The district is also going to have Jackson assessed for Occupational Therapy (which I’m sure he’ll qualify for).  We’ll then reconvene at the beginning of August, for another IEP, to discuss class placement for Jackson.  Since his needs are so extensive, it’s going to take some time to find the correct placement.  They already told us that the preschools in our district are not the correct match for Jackson, so they must look either to county programs or to other school districts.  All I know is that Misha and I will surely go visit any recommended classroom for Jackson to make sure the teacher and aids are fit to meet Jackson’s needs.

Misha and I were hesitant to accept the home ABA that the district offered us for the fact that Jackson is very home bound.  His current schedule is ABA 9-11am, nap 12-2pm, ABA 3:30-5:30pm.  When does Jackson get to go to the park or zoo or Discovery Museum?  We agreed to it since it is short term and they assured us that their goal is to get Jackson into school at the beginning of the school year.

The district was nothing but lovely with us.  After attending Autism support groups for all these months, the majority of parent’s reactions to dealing with IEPs and school districts is negative and parents feeling like they don’t get the services their kids need.  I’m so thankful that one think I DON”T have to stress about is Jackson getting the behavioral therapy piece of the puzzle.  He’s being well taken care of.

The other areas of Jackson’s treatment are going.  It’s been 3 months now, and our LLMD is sure that the reason we haven’t seen Jackson progress is the mold.  But what mold???  We have a mold person coming today with a tool to look for mold.  I’m seriously not letting him leave this house until he finds it and we make a plan to remove it so Jackson can move forward.  The biofeedback test showed Jackson’s Lyme numbers came down considerably, so we’re continuing on with the supplements and antibiotics, but really, he’s not going to get better until we figure out the mold.  We’re not giving up.  This journey isn’t over. We’ve been over many hurdles and through too many obstacles to slow down now.  I am 100% confident Jackson is in that body of his, and we’ll get him to thrive.  This I know for sure.


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