Mold Update

Ahhhhh!  Mold seems to be at the top of our TO DO list.  The $1000 air samples that we took 3 months ago turned up completely clean, but the ERMI test we submitted a couple of days ago came back a major problem.  A ‘good,’ clean, acceptable ERMI test score is a 2, and our score was a 12 = a major red flag.  The ERMI score is compatible with our biofeedback results indicating that our mold susceptible bodies are taking in way too much mold.

Since we have these two mold tests that contradict each other, and a biofeedback test that sides with the ERMI, and Jackson, who is not yet getting better, I’m assuming we really DO have a mold problem in our house.  The thing is, our house is newly remodeled and Misha has searched high and low to find mold, and there’s nothing visible.  Where is the mold?  We obviously have a problem, and need to find it ASAP.  The reason Jackson has not showed signs of progress yet is the mold factor.  As Jackson breathes in the mold, his body takes it in, and since he is mold susceptible, he is unable to excrete it, causing inflammation, and keeping the medicines from fully working.  Our LLMD doctor made the analogy: say you are allergic to 3 things and you take care of 2 of them, you still have one thing bothering you, making you unable to be healthy.  We are taking care of a lot of issues with Jackson: Lyme, methylation cycle, supplements, but if we don’t take care of the mold, it will continue to keep Jackson from recovering.

Where is the mold????  We have the same company we used for the air samples coming on Tuesday with their thermal imaging camera to hopefully detect where the problem is.  If they can’t find it, we’ll call someone else.  My concern is that the ERMI mold number is so high, that mold is all over.  But where?  This is our last major obstacle.  Let the mold journey begin.


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