LLMD Appointment

What a day.  I’m spent.  I know a lot of you are ready to hear about Jackson’s appointment with our LLMD, so I’ll give you the run down, but forgive any typos or run ons.

The biggest obstacle that seems to be in our way right now is MOLD!  Ugh!  I told you already that we’ve had air samples taken (came back clean) and sent in the ERMI test.  We got the results back from the ERMI test, but Misha took dust samples from the wrong places, so the results came back dramatically elevated, indicating a severe mold problem.  We just took the correct sample today, expedite FedExed it to New Jersey today and should have results tomorrow.  From the Biofeedback test and even the incorrect elevated ERMI tests, mold appears to be a huge culprit in impeding Jackson’s recovery.  We’ll know for sure tomorrow if mold is the issue in the way of Jackson’s progress.  I can’t imagine our house being infested with mold since Misha spent a few hours today below, above and around the house searching for mold.

Jackson is going to start his anti-parasitic medicine once again on Tuesday, but other than that, Jackson’s treatment is remaining the same.  Once we figure out this mold mystery, our doctor is sure we’ll see huge gains with Jackson.  We told him that we are at the point where we are starting to get discouraged, and he said to hang in there and he is going to get better once we take care of the mold.

I am back on board with our LLMD and am comfortable with his vision for Jackson’s treatment.  I’ve come to terms that our pediatrician is not a specialist and isn’t educated in the complexities of Lyme.

Number one on our list is getting the ERMI results tomorrow, and if need be (which it sounds like it is) figure out where the mold is coming from.  Without a clean environment for Jackson, he is at a standstill to progress.  Another bump in the road, but we’ll get there!


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