Getting Jackson His Veggies


For the past three weeks, I’ve been steaming and pureeing vegetables to feed Jackson.  Since he has somewhat of a limited diet and he won’t eat vegetables off his tray, I’ve resorted to spoon feeding him.  At first, he did not like them at all, and now, he’s getting better at eating the puree.

My go-to recipe is broccoli, sweet potato and carrots pureed together.  My goal in the next couple of weeks is to expand my horizons and find more recipes that are decent tasting and nutrient-packed.  Does anyone have any recommendations of baby food books or recipes they’ve used?  Jackson needs all the nutrients he can get to heal himself as he moves through treatment.

My next food post will be making GFCF (not quite sugar free) cupcakes for Jackson’s playgroup class on Thursday.  Stay tuned!


One thought on “Getting Jackson His Veggies

  1. I’ll send you my soup recipe (filled with vegetable), that Peyton eats for lunch every day. I’ll also send you what he eats for breakfast and dinner.

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