Visit with the Pediatrician

I’m going to provide a brief summary of our appointment today since my eyes are burning, tired as can be.  Our appointment with our pediatrician went as I suspected.  He listened to our journey the past 3 months, and nodded along with a skeptical look upon his face.  I brought along Jackson’s binder of test results, but I didn’t have copies for him, so he asked me to make copies for him and he’d take a look at them.  Misha and I did most of the talking during the appointment, almost as if trying to defend ourselves…biofeedback tests, GFCF diet, ARI Conference, DAN doctor, Lyme Disease, LLMD, supplements, antibiotics.

The pediatrician didn’t outright say we don’t have Lyme Disease, but he said it is very uncommon in California and he would take a look at the tests.  His only suggestions were that we go to see a pediatric neurologist (which we were already planning on doing–for an EEG) and an Infectious Disease Doctor.  We’ll go to see these specialists and see what they have to say, but it does get tiring and defeating being looked down on for the treatment path we are choosing.

Jackson got a TB test, which he needs to start his preschool, but none of his 3 year old vaccines.  It was hard explaining and defending ourselves since we don’t have proof it’s working and Jackson hasn’t made any progress yet.  I have faith that we’re on the right treatment path despite the nay saying doctors.  Misha and I are going with what feels right to us.  I am researching everything…all the supplements, tests and treatments…and the second I feel like our LLMD is not caring for us properly or pulling a fast one on us, we’ll be in the market for another doctor.

Misha walked out of the appointment shaking his head, surprised/disappointed at the discussion.  I wasn’t surprised at all.  In fact, it went exactly as I suspected.  For now, I feel like we’re a little bit on our own with this, traveling an outsider’s path.  We’ll consult with the Neurologist and Infectious Disease specialist with an open mind, but will be continuing our alternative treatment with our LLMD.


One thought on “Visit with the Pediatrician

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry Elaine. You’re definitely not alone in this. I know it can feel that way. I would suggest you provide copies of all his test results a week before your appointments with the neurologist (need a recommendation?) and the infectious disease specialist. Include a note saying that you look forward to discussing the results with them which will force them to review them.

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