Jackson’s Biofeedback Test–Results!

February 22, 2012, three months ago, was the day Jackson did his first biofeedback test, uncovering a key piece of Jackson’s Autism puzzle…Jackson had/has Lyme (among many other things)!  Today, we were back in the biofeedback testing office for Jackson’s 30 minute appointment.  We got instant feedback on how we’ve been doing with Jackson’s treatment.  FYI: The results of the test come back as a number followed by an x.  For example, three months ago, Jackson’s ‘score’ for Borrelia Burgdorferi (Lyme) was an 8x.  Today, it was a 3x.  To understand what that number means, you need this key:

1x = mild, 2x = moderate, 3x = high  (It’s best to have a lower number)

Three months ago, we saw Jackson’s Bartonella number at 50x, and today, it was 2x!  ALL of Jackson’s numbers have gone down.  That means that all that we have been doing has been working!  Lyme, Bartonella, Erlichia, Borrelia, Biofilm, Babesia, Chemicals, Pandas, and Parasites have all come down.  We did learn that Jackson still has 2 parasites, so at our appointment with our LLMD on Thursday, I’m sure we’ll discuss starting up a new medication for those darn worms.

The one thing that she tested for today that she didn’t 3 months ago that is a PROBLEM is MOLD!  Jackson’s numbers are super high…between 5x and 7x.  What little I have learned about mold is that you cannot get better from Lyme disease if you are mold susceptible, which Jackson, Misha and I ARE.  From anyone who has seen our house, you it is newly remodeled.  We’ve got wooden floors though out, and not a sign of water damage.  Misha has crawled up above in the attic and down below our house many times, and not a sign of water damage or mold.  We’ve had a fancy, $1000 mold test done on our house.  A couple of weeks ago, a professional HVAC contractor put a whole house HEPA filter with electrostatic air cleaner and a non ozone emitting UV light installed to kill mold and purify air.

The latest mold test that we’ll be getting results for on Wednesday is the ERMI (Environmental Relative Moldiness Index) test from mycometrics.com.  They sent us a swiffer pad and we collected dust samples from around the house.  We sent it to their Lab and are now waiting results.  More ERMI information: http://mycometrics.com/articles/ERMI_Lin_Shoemaker.pdf

We are eagerly awaiting the results of the ERMI test.  I’m crossing my fingers that it comes back as a non-issue because I don’t know what else we can do to clean up our house…it’s as clean as can be!  I guess we could all live in a bubble?? I will be shocked if abnormal mold is detected, and I don’t want to think about “what ifs” until Wednesday when we get results.

I’m ordering Dr. Shoemaker’s books, “Mold Warrior “and “Surviving Mold” to educate myself more about mold and chronic illness.  Expect a post soon about my learnings about mold.

Overall though, a great biofeedback test, and it’s information that I needed to hear to know we are on the right path, giving him the correct supplements and meds, and all this time, energy and money we are dedicating to Jackson’s treatment.  It’s been a long three months with ups and downs, but today’s test confirms that we are treating Jackson, he is making progress and we are that much closer to meeting the true, sweet Jackson.


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