Antibiotics: Day 3; District Observation

Today was Jackson’s 3rd day on antibiotics.  He continues to take his cocktails of herbs, supplements and meds also.  My days are spent shoveling things into Jackson’s mouth making GFCF meals, grocery shopping, escorting Sophie and Jackson to their different activities, and playing horsie with Sophie in the playroom, so I always feel a sense of relief at night when the kids are in bed and especially since all Jackson’s meds are done for the day.  So far, no notable changes in his behaviors…positive or negative.  He is his same old, lovable self.  The first sign of a change, I will be celebrating here and definitely let you all know.

During this afternoon’s ABA therapy, a Behaviorist was here observing Jackson.  The district hires an outside company to observe and write up a report to determine whether or not Jackson should receive additional ABA therapy as part of his IEP.  The Behaviorist observing was really nice and fell in love with Jackson, telling me she wanted to take him home:)  She was very positive, personable and played with Sophie and Jackson as she took notes.  She let me know that our school district is awesome and that they accommodate the needs of their special education students.  There’s no doubt in my mind that she will recommend additional, individual ABA therapy for Jackson’s IEP.

Tomorrow, we go back to the LLMD for Jackson to get his blood drawn.  Our doc wants to run a thyroid and additional Lyme test for Jackson.  It should be short and sweet.  Drawing blood is never fun though, especially with a crying boy:(  I’ll then race Jackson over to his playgroup where a district psychologist will be observing him.

Life feels very busy right now, and not knowing Jackson’s schedule past May 25 makes me nervous.  He’ll probably have a period of 2-4 weeks without therapy since their school year ends June 8th and the extended year summer school doesn’t start until 3 weeks later.  I’ll still need time to observe the program suggested for Jackson to make sure it’s the right fit and that Jackson is getting all the support he needs.  I know things will work out and settle down and that we’ll get into a routine eventually.  Until then, I forge on!


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