Vaccines: Nasty Mercury and Thimerosal

I cannot say that Jackson was progressing normally and after a certain set of vaccinations, he immediately regressed.  However, there is no doubt in my mind that vaccines contributed to Jackson’s toxic burden.  Jackson’s hair analysis test came back showing his inability to excrete excess heavy metals through his hair like others do.

The link below takes you to David Berger presenting at the 2009 Autism Research Institute Conference about Vaccines and Mercury exposure:  ( I now it’s long and he speaks fast, but I highly recommend watching it)

To see his presentation power point:

Dr. Bergers Recommendations:

*Wait until the age of 6 months to give Hep B (if mother is negative for Hep B or beginning day care)

*Do not give more than 1 vaccine at a time (so if there is an adverse reaction, you know what it came from)

*Wait at least 3 months between every live virus vaccine given

*Do not vaccinate a child who is sick, wait 2 weeks after so their immune system has time to recuperate

*Don’t vaccinate if there’s signs of inflammation: wheezing, allergies, excema

*Parents need to be educated and know the ingredients inside these vaccines

*Parents need sufficient time to educate themselves by weighing the risks and benefits of vaccines

*Need the option to implement an alternative schedule

*Parents and pediatricians need to be protected with whatever choice they make…vaccinate or not

The Greater Good Movie

Suggested Books to read:

“What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations,” by Stephanie Cave  (revised 3/11)

“The Vaccine Book” Dr Bob Sears  From the book:

“According to the concession report, this case involved a toddler who was developing normally until 18 months of age.  Several days after the 18 month shots her development began to decline to the point that she eventually displayed many features of autism.  Doctors also discovered that the child had a mitochondrial disorder (a disorder of metabolism that makes a child pre-disposed to a developmental and medical problems.)  The court decided that there was enough evidence to show that the vaccines triggered problems consistent with autistic-like behavior.”

Will Jackson be getting his next set of 3 year old shots?  Heck NO!  Makes me sick knowing what we’re injecting into our children.  Why are parents not educated?  The day a baby is born, they are given the Hep B shot.  Do they need it?  No…the mother is tested throughout her pregnancy for Hep B, and babies are not going to be using IV drugs or participate in sexual behavior.  Parents need to be educated and rethink the vaccine schedule and state laws.  I’m now using the Religious/personal belief exemption law.  You don’t need a note or anything.

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