Dana Gorman

How did I not find this website (www.thriiive.com) before???  Dana Gorman is a mom of an autistic child and took it upon herself to research and start this website.  She coordinates ‘summits,’ bringing together top notch doctors to participate and collaborate in a think tank.  I’m not going to post every single video on this website, but I want to stress what a great website this is.  This website would changed my thinking about Jackson’s Autism when he was diagnosed at 18 months.  I honestly thought behavioral therapy was all he needed in order to get better.  Never in a million years would I have assumed he has a major total body burden inside of him.  This website has the answers, and is put in simple, understandable terms.  I can’t believe they’ve had these answers since 2009…WHY DOES NOBODY TALK ABOUT THIS!

Video #1:  What I Wish I knew 7 years ago:


Video #2:  Total Body Burden–Traffic Analogy:


There are additional videos…go to http://www.thriiive.com and check them out!


One thought on “Dana Gorman

  1. Dear “mommy” – Dana Gorman here…THANK YOU!!! You made my morning with this simple post. I would be happy to answer ANY questions you might have about anything you have learned!!! contact me on facebook if you do!

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