1 in 3 American children with allergies, ADHD, autism and asthma


10 Steps You Can Take to Protect Your Family

  1. Try to reduce your family’s exposure to processed foods
  2. Eat food with ingredients that your grandmother would have used
  3. When you can, try to purchase organic eggs, as they are not from chickens fed corn or soy that has been genetically engineered
  4. Cook with olive oil instead of conventional butter, margarine or vegetable oil which most likely contain genetically engineered ingredients
  5. Avoid conventional soy and corn products (vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup) since most have been genetically engineered and contain novel proteins and allergens
  6. Look for meat and poultry that have not injected with antibiotics and additional synthetic growth hormones
  7. As recommended by the British Dietetic Association, avoid exposing infants under the age of 12 months to conventional soy
  8. When possible, consume organic foods for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy in order to reduce your exposure to pesticides (recently linked to autism and gestational diabetes)
  9. Look for “rBGH-free” milk. rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone) is a genetically engineered, synthetic growth hormone that is not allowed most developed countries given the health conditions it creates in dairy cows and the resulting pus, antibiotic and vaccine residues in milk
  10. When discussing vaccines with your child’s pediatrician, especially vaccines grown in eggs, request the informational leaflets that accompany the vaccines as they discuss autoimmune conditions like food allergies in detail

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