May is a busy month!

I’m looking at our May calendar, and there’s a lot of big things coming up for Jackson:

May 13th-Last day of Jackson’s Parasite treatment

May 14th-Start Antibiotics!!!  WooHoo!

Jackson’s 2 hour School district assessment

May 16th-Jackson goes in for a blood draw to check his Thyroid as well as another Lyme test

May 19th-Autism Speaks walk with Jackson and therapists

May 21st-Jackson biofeedback test

Jackson 3 yr check up appointment with pediatrician.  No vaccines for my boy, that’s for sure!

May 23rd-Jackson school district testing

May 25th-Jackson’s IEP meeting and last day of Early Start services

May 26th-Happy Birthday, Jackson!  We’re not having a big party for him.  We’re thinking of waiting until his half birthday when he can tell us what kind of party he wants:)

All this is happening along with his 21 hours of therapy a week.

You’re a rockstar, Jackson!  You are already amazing, so I can’t wait to see what else you have in store to show us.





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