Thinking Moms Rock!


“Today I was told that autism, at the very greatest was a disability, but it is in no way an illness. This was my response.

With deepest respect, I am a full time autism activist and essayist. I have dedicated my life to the political and medical investigation of autism. My son has metabolic and methylation failure, resulting in neurological and central nervous system dysfunction that presents as Autism. I thought, after doing years of research, traveling around the country and talking to research physicians that are under threat of losing their licenses because they are uncovering the very real environmental impetus to “autism”, that my son was a rare bird. That, perhaps, it was just him and everyone else’s child had “the real autism”. No. Not the case at all. Many, many children have undiagnosed mito, undiagnosed autistic entercolitis (which my son suffers from) and many other auto-immune viral anomalies that contribute to the breakdown in mental function of children severely affected with “autism”. Most doctors are unqualified to diagnose and taught to look away from the very real iatrogenic implications of this profound problem that is on it’s way to bankrupting our nation. Full time. This is my job. 7 days a week. Research, speak to doctors, to universities, to other parents, to labs, to government officials. This is what I do. It is what I KNOW. Children are very very ill. No one wants to believe because of what it means. I am terribly sorry to present the facts in this manner. I do not know what else to do when I see the needless suffering of precious precious children on an ongoing basis. I always tell parents to take a step back. Observe their precious one. One night, when my boy was crying and screaming inconsolably I just stayed by his side. I let him hit me over and over and over and over again. He was barely verbal at the time. After and hour and half of this, after bloodying my cheek and scratching the skin off my nose, he finally whispered as he looked into my eyes, “it hurts.” Many parents, when they stop to pay attention to what THEY see, instead of what they are told to believe, make the same observation. Then, they get to work. Respectfully, LJ Goes”

One thing I know for sure now is that our Autistic kids ARE undoubtedly sick inside, from their biological predisposition to the environmental toxins plaguing them.  They are in pain.  There is a reason they act out the way they do when they do.  I wonder when my Autism Support groups will start talking about the biomedical side of Autism.  Now, all we speak about are the behavioral interventions in place for our kids.  The public needs to be educated as well as our medical doctors.  We all need to catch up to these rock star Thinking Moms!


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