Pancakes, Waffles, oh my!

My day started with making a batch of pancakes, and it ended with another batch.  The pancakes I made this morning were from this mix:

I read the ingredients too quick, and it turns out, this is gluten free, but not dairy free.  Aaaah!  Jackson and I each ate one of the pancakes.  I know it’s not the end of the world, but it takes a couple of weeks for gluten and dairy to leave your body.  So, I tossed the pancakes and made a new batch this evening after dinner with a recipe from my new GFCF cookbook.  They turned out great and are in the freezer.  They are truly GFCF and soy free. I’m eliminating soy now from Jackson’s diet to see if I notice any behavioral/poop changes.

I forgot to post what most excited me at Whole Foods yesterday…individual gluten free soy sauce packets:

Simple pleasures.  Life is good:)


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