A Busy Day!

I spent today playing catch up, trying to get things organized after being gone over the weekend.  Laundry, grocery shopping, organizing medications (since Jackson is starting some new ones), organizing/cleaning out our spices, cooking snacks and meals for Jackson, clearing out the junk (that was left) in our pantry and spending some quality time with the kids.

After seeing the two authors of the book speak at the ARI conference, I wanted to buy this GFCF cookbook.  I read it throughout our long travel day on Monday, and today, I tried out several recipes.

Somehow, I spent $250 today at Whole Foods buying new spices, GF baking mixes and other GFCF household essentials.  I made a GFCF banana bread that Jackson ate happily.  We had a turkey crockpot diner…eh…so so.  I also pureed chicken, apple sauce, broccoli and sweet potato for Jackson.  He didn’t want to eat it, but I continued trying, and with Lana and John’s help, he ate about 1/2 cup of it.  He’ll eat the rest of it tomorrow.  I’m happy knowing his body is getting some new, nutrient dense nutrition.  Tomorrow, I’ll be trying more recipes and I’ll report back.  My new mission is to get into the cooking groove and learn to like it.

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