Jackson’s Appointment

Whew!  Jackson’s appointment was at 9:45am, and I am just now getting a chance to sit down to give an update.

It was a whirlwind of an appointment, but we heard what we wanted to hear…Antibiotics!  However, we aren’t starting them right away since  Jackson is going to do a third and final cycle of parasite treatment, which means 20 more days.  After those 20 days, we have the green light and prescription to start antibiotics (Amoxacillin and Zithromax).  We walked out of the appointment with over $500 worth of additional supplements and to support him now and after he starts antibiotics.

We asked about Jackson’s Nagalese levels, and our doctor said that he was sure his levels were elevated, but that we’re not ready to treat it quite yet.  We asked about Jackson’s amazingly crazy amounts of water Jackson drinks in a day, and the doctor said it’s a good thing (except the number of diapers we go through a day).  We asked about Jackson’s recent dirt head-sprinkling habit, and the doctor said it could possibly be due to the bug die off.  I was, and continue to be very impressed with our doctor’s knowledgeable progression in Jackson’s treatment.  He obviously knows what he is doing and is interested in knowing how everything is going to help us every step of the way.

Jackson is going to get more blood drawn mid May to check his thyroid as well as another type of Lyme test.  We then have the biofeedback test May 21st to see if the medicines have taken care of the parasite problem and to see if we made a dent in the Lyme bugs.  May 15th will be Jackson’s first day on antibiotics!  We then meet with the doctor on May 24th to follow up to discuss the biofeedback results, bloodwork results, and to recap how the antibiotic treatment goes.

So really, things are going well.  Every day, we are killing off parasites and Lyme spirochetes and will eventually get to the viruses that lay below.  This treatment process is so complicated, time consuming and expensive, but knowing Jackson will soon make progress and become more present in our lives is all the motivation I need to push on.  May is going to be a big month…I can feel it!

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