Nagalese Level and GcMAF

This Thinking Mom is onto something!  She is in the process of recovering her son, Harry.  I know I’ve posted something before about elevated Nagalese levels and GcMAF therapy, and that seems to be one of the key pieces for her son’s improvements.

Two questions for our LLMD tomorrow are how to test Jackson’s Nagalese and Homocysteine levels.

I’ll report back tomorrow after tomorrow’s appointment!

2 thoughts on “Nagalese Level and GcMAF

  1. Hi how were you able to test your sons nagalese? Only in belgium i thought. Good luck! Look for dr endlander on youtube discussing gcmaf.

    • Hi,
      We haven’t tested his nagalese level yet. I asked our LLMD about it, and he said he was sure it was elevated, but we’re not at that treatment point yet. I know does the injections and saw his number go down to normal range. I’ve been reading some Yahoo Groups, and their DANs are suggesting GcMAF shots. Thanks for your suggestion!

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