The Planning

Since Misha and I will be leaving for the Autism Research Institute conference in New Jersey Thursday-Monday, I’ve been busy getting things ready here at home to be ready in my absence.  My parents and Misha’s mom will hold down the fort while we’re gone.  For any of you teachers out there who leave lesson plans for the substitute, that’s what I’ve been busy doing…took me a good 3 hours!  I especially wanted to leave detailed notes on how to give Jackson his medications.  My parents have watched me several times prepare and administer Jackson’s meds, but I know it’s different being on your own.  Here are the ‘lesson plans I typed up to leave for my parents:

Lesson Plans


There’s nothing easy about giving Jackson his meds, and nobody has given him his meds but me.  I’m nervous to be leaving, but know the kids will be in the best hands ever.  Grandma and Grandpa are the best!

I am super excited about what I will learn at the conference…tips on nutritional diets, getting kids to swallow pills, the latest research on causes/treatments of Autism, and possibly a discussion on Lyme Induced Autism?  If there is ever a forum or an open question and answer portion of the conference, I am eager bring up the topic.

We do have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday that I’m anxiously awaiting, hoping that starting antibiotics is in the very near future.  Should our LLMD set us on the antibiotic path, we probably won’t start them until Monday, when Misha and I return home.

Good things are coming!  Patience, patience, patience!

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