Jackson Update

It’s been about a month and a half of  Jackson’s Medications.  He is still an amazing trooper with letting me squirt and spoon the meds into his mouth.  I always have a fruit chaser of strawberries and bananas ready to go for him to get the nasty taste and texture out of his mouth.  Jackson and I take a bunch of the same meds, so I know how awful some of those herb drops taste.  I’m wondering if his medications will change come next Wednesday, April 25th…our next appointment with our doctor for Jackson.  I’m hoping that by next week at this time, Jackson will be on antibiotics and some real healing and progress can begin.

This past week, I have noticed some differences in Jackson.  I was so excited to report back that the teeth grinding had stopped, but this morning, I heard the grinding:(  It’s safe to say, the teeth grinding has lessened.  On several recent occasions, Jackson has pointed to letters or pictures spontaneously.  He never used his pointer finger to do any pointing, except for playing games on the iPad.  Yesterday, he pointed to different shapes in a book.

If Jackson does not have his pacifier in his mouth, he will make noises almost constantly.  Whether it’s a high pitched shriek or a ‘rrrrrrr’ rolling of his tongue, he is always anxiously babbling/stimming.

Since the weather has turned beautiful, we’ve been outside a lot.  The first thing Jackson does upon opening the door to the backyard is run to the dirt, pick it up and move it to another location, almost as if his hand is a crane.  He also will sprinkle dirt over his head.   Yesterday, I went to take Sophie out of the trampoline and took my eyes off Jackson for a minute.  When Jackson came running up to me, he had a wood chip in his mouth.  Yesterday, when Sophie and Jackson were jumping on our giant trampoline, Jackson started rolling and rolling, a behavior I’ve never seen before!  Before long, Sophie and Jackson were rolling around, bumping into each other, laughing at each other.

My conclusion is that something is going on with Jackson.  Is it developmental?  Is it the meds?  Is it the ABA therapy?  I’m not completely sure.  There have not been any groundbreaking breakthroughs, but small changes that lead me to believe something is changing in Jackson.  Like The Tortoise and the Hare, slow and steady wins the race!  I’m keeping with the meds, keeping with the routines, and next week, hoping to be starting those antibiotics!



One thought on “Jackson Update

  1. Such great news Elaine! Keep going, you guys are doing an awesome job! Can’t wait to hear about the next doctor appointment on wednesday! Lots of love!

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