MTHFR (Methylenetetrahydrofolate Reductase) Mutation

This is one of Jackson’s many test results.  I know it’s small, so if you can’t see the first paragraph, it says Jackson has “two copies of the same mutation (C677T and C677T).

On the website,, it describes drugs that interfere with the MTHFR gene mutation.  Most alarming to me was the interference with vaccinations:

“People with the MTHFR mutation sometimes have problems clearing metals. There are many toxic preservatives in vaccinations. Thimerasol and aluminum are found in many vaccinations. They can cause serious problems to someone with an MTHFR gene mutation. Thimerasol (mercury) and aluminum are known to deplete b vitamins. A person with MTHFR has trouble clearing metals. Mercury and aluminum absorb what b vitamins are in the body. ”

Yes, I think vaccinations played a role in Jackson’s troubles.  Is this LabCorp test something that all kids should have before being vaccinated?  I think so.  Not only are we dealing with Lyme and co infections, but Jackson is loaded with heavy metals.  While most kids don’t have problems clearing metals, Jackson and other kids with MTHFR mutations DO.  Scary information I wish I knew…equally important, I wish pediatricians knew.

Jackson will not be getting his 3 year old shots until our LLMD assures us that his body is ready and can handle them.


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