Dr. Phil Show on Lyme

Hopefully you got to see the Dr. Phil show, Deadly Consequences, today.  I was grateful that he covered the Lyme topic, but disappointed Lyme Disease was not worthy of the full hour of his show.  Dr. Phil provided information from both sides of the Lyme debate and interviewed 3 guests who suffered with Lyme Disease.  I hope people were watching and learned something!  It continues to sadden me to know there are doctors out there who do not believe in Chronic Lyme Disease who are unwilling to provide adequate treatment to those in need.  Lyme Disease really is the next epidemic.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Phil Show on Lyme

  1. my daughter has been suffering with seziures for over 6 years , the pain is unbearable because she almost never black out and it is horrible and heart breaking to watch. we still have no answers as to what may have caused her condition . it intrest me to see this happing to this young lady in lyme disease. Yes the dr.s want to say it is all in her head. we have had only a few who really believed and wanted to help. one of the head dr wanted to remove her from the clinic and i refused to let that happen. what some physician has to believe is the body is complex and not every illness is text book perfect.

  2. Show on Lyme Disease sure hit home to me. 18 years ago (1994) I got bit by a tick and it took one month before doctors gave me medication. During that month without, I had flu-like symptoms and my body ached terribly. It wasn’t until one morning I could not get out of bed and my husband rushed me to hospital. That is when they did not know what to do or figure out what was wrong with me. After medication was finally given to me, (one month later) and I was released from hospital.
    I had another attack of the aches of my muscles in 1996 and Feb 1997 I was giving myself (like your employee) IV in my arm. After a period of time doing that, both my arms were sore and kept blowing up. Feb 1998 I had a roshon catheter put in to receive medication. As Lyme disease deteriorates your muscles, to this day, if I have a long day my legs kill me (stairs also hurt). I also have double vision and need prism in my lens to correct the double vision. My glasses need the be changes with new lens/prisms once a year – the cost is high, but I need to see!!!! Your show really saddened me when I show that young lady having seizures. God bless her!!!!

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