Dr. Phil Friday, KRON 4, 4pm…about Lyme Disease!

I can’t believe I’ll be watching and recording Dr. Phil on Friday!  His show is dedicated to Lyme Disease!  This is really amazing news and all over the Lyme community’s blogs and Facebook pages. Lyme really doesn’t get much coverage, so when I see news coverage, I like to pass it along.  The Good Morning America clip features Brooke Landau, who will be a guest on the Dr. Phil show this Friday,  KRON 4, 4pm.  “Dr. Phil’s guests say they’re dealing with serious illnesses that could have deadly outcomes. First, Annette says as a mother, she wants the right to euthanize her severely-disabled children, 42-year-old Jeffrey and 43-year-old Janet, who have been institutionalized for more than three decades with the rare genetic disorder, Sanfilippo Syndrome. Her only legal option is to remove their feeding tubes, which she says would lead to a painful and inhumane death. What would you do? Hear from acclaimed trial attorney Geoffrey Fieger on why he thinks the laws against euthanasia should be changed. Then, former model Stephanie Vostry, 25, says that she suffers from constant pain and seizures caused by what some doctors believe to be chronic Lyme disease, and others wonder if she’s faking. With natural medicine providing minimal relief, hear how she says she’s turned to self-medicating to dull her pain. Plus, chronic Lyme disease hits close to home for a Dr. Phil staff member and a San Diego weather caster.”

The other interesting thing I got from this news clip is the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT).  It’s one of the next ideas I want to research, as I’ve heard positive outcomes of HBOT combined with other therapies in treating Lyme and Autism.  I’ll keep you posted with any new information I come up with about HBOT.


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