What Now?

So Misha and I both have Lyme and Co-Infections, so it’s time to treat!  We are doing the holistic approach with herbs, supplements and a few meds, but no antibiotics yet.  I will now be taking 23 meds several times a day, and Misha, 24.  The day of an appointment always feels overwhelming and stressful, but now that I’ve re-typed our medication sheets and divided the pills into our pill boxes, it’s do-able.  Mid May, Misha and I scheduled another appointment with the doctor that performed the biofeedback test on us.  Our LLMD wants to check that the parasites and lyme bugs have gone down.  At that point, he’ll reevaluate the treatment and possibly swoop in with antibiotics.

What I’m most excited about are the supplements that will help me with my energy.  Though I exercise and play soccer, I feel drained throughout the day, kind of in a fog.  Jackson takes Methyl B12 shots to help with his energy, instead, I’m taking a sublingual Methyl B12 pill that dissolves in my mouth.  I took my first one today, and didn’t notice any huge change.  I am also very deficient in Vitamin D, so he ramped that up.  Here is my new, updated list of medications:

Elaine’s Medications

Our appointment today went well.  We got the answers we were expecting, and are happy to continue on the right path.  I’ll be interested to see if our next round of biofeedback indicate lower parasite and lyme bug numbers.  Our number one priority is still Jackson, but it’s nice to know Misha and I are healing also.


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