The verdict is in…

Misha and I both have full on Lyme Disease and co-infections.  The test results we received today confirmed the biofeedback test we had done back in February.  No wonder our poor little Jackson was hit so hard.  Both Misha and I were, at some point, bitten by a tick.  Before today, my hypothesis was that only one of us were bitten and passed it to the other, but today’s results prove otherwise.  Something clicked today for us today about when we could’ve gotten bitten.  Since it’s almost certain the bites would’ve happened before our perfection of health, Sophie, below are two pictures of when we went to the dog beach in Santa Cruz.  They are both of Sophie, one when she was probably 2 months old, and one when she was about a year.  I remember both occasions we went to the dog beach in Santa Cruz.  It was high tide, so the dog beach was closed. We headed across the street to a big nature preserve.  We took the Chuck-It and a tennis ball, and our dog, Haley, ran wild.  There were high bushes and very forest-like.  Our doctor said that there has been a recent report of high rates of Lyme in Santa Cruz and that 90% of the ticks are infected.  That’s my guess as to when we were bitten by the tick.  Thank the heavens above that Sophie was spared!


I’m off to play soccer, but will report the rest of our appointment when I get back.


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